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THURSDAY 10-10-19

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TEAMS of 3
20/14 Calorie Row
20 Single Arm KB Snatch (70#/53#)
*10 on 1 arm, then 10 on the other
2 Rope Climbs

***Each athlete will start on a seperate station.
Ahtletes may not move onto the next station
until the athlete in front of them has completed
the prescribed amount of reps at that station.

INT / 55+ RX

14/10 cal row
35#/18# KB
2 lower to raise on rope

****Reminder, tonight we are doing 20.1 at our
6:30pm class. If you’d like to take a crack at
the first Open workout of the year, this will
be your first chance.
We will also program in 20.1 to our normal
Saturday classes each week. Please be sure
to link up with a friend to help judge you during
the WOD.

THURSDAY 10-3-19

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For time
500m Row


3 Rounds not for time
Max unbroken Strict Pull ups
*Goal is 80%+ of max each round
10 ALT Front Rack Reverse lunges
*60% + of 1RM Power Clean
**If you don’t know this number, they should
feel heavy and you’re happy it’s not 10 on
each leg…
400m jog at moderate pace

INT / 55+ RX


MONDAY 9-30-19

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“Fight Gone Bad”
5 Rounds
1 min wall balls (20#/14#)
1 min SDHP (75#/55#)
1 min Box Jump (24″”/20″”)
1 min Push Press (75#/55#)
1 min Row for calories
1 min REST

“”Fight Gone Bad””
5 Rounds
1 minute at each station
Wall Balls (14#/10#)
SDHP (55#/45#)
Box Jumps (20″” both men and women)
*step down
Push press (55#/45#)
Row for Calories
Rest 1 minute

10#/6# wall ball
45#/35# push press & SDHP
20″” Box step up”