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What’s on the white board?

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Taking a quick look back at our programming over the last month, here is what we see.

Time Domains 

  • 50% of workouts have had a work time between 8 and 12 minutes.
  • 38% have been between 15 and 22 minutes long
  • 9% have been over 30 minutes with one workout lasting 40 total minutes.
  • 3% have been 6 minutes or less.


  • 48% of workouts that involve some type of external loading (barbell, wall ball, kettle bell, etc.) have been in what we would consider “light” loading.
  • 28% have been in the “moderate” loading category.
  • 16% in the “Heavy” category
  • 8% have been bodyweight only workouts.


  • 46% of movements have been some type of weightlifting modality. Weightlifting is described as any movement with an external load attached to the body. This can be a snatch, wall ball, or even a kettle bell swing.
  • 28% have been some type of mono structural movement (rowing, running, assault bike).
  • 26% have been gymnastic modalities (pull up, push up, box jump, etc).

Movement patterning 

We break movement pattern up into five categories.

  1. Hinging (DL, OLY lifting pulling, T2b)
  2. Squatting (thrusters, air squats, etc)
  3. Pressing (press, push press, jerk, push up, burpee)
  4. Pulling (pull up, rowing)
  5. Bounding (running, jumping, double unders)
  • 25% have been hinging movements.
  • 23% have been squatting
  • 24% have been pressing
  • 15% have been pulling
  • 13% have been bounding

So looking into the next month of programming you can expect to see more:

  1. Workouts lasting longer than 20 minutes or shorter than 6 minute sprints.
  2. Bodyweight only workouts as well as dedicated “Strength” days (probably worked into the short 6 minute and under workout days).
  3. Monostructural and gymnastics movements.
  4. Pulling movements such as pull ups, ring rows, muscle ups, etc.

By looking back periodically it becomes very obvious where we need to go in order to make ourselves a healthier more well rounded athlete. This is just a little peak inside how we continue to see constant improvement from athletes who have been with us for almost 4 years. 

By  filling the holes and programing smart (not necessarily what’s popular), we keep Coast Rangers on a steady path of improvement over a long period of time.

But remember, like coach Reed says “we do our job the hour you are inside these four walls, you have to your job the other 23 hours outside”. This means sleep, nutrition, and hydration coupled with a consistent workout routine and the results will come!