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THURSDAY 10-31-19

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Halloween schedule: We will be open for all normal classes except the 5:15pm and 6:30pm classes. We hope you enjoy your evening with family and friends.

13 Pumpkin Deadlifts
13 Lunges with Pumpkin OH
13 Pumpkin Goblet Squats
13 Pumpkin Wall Balls
13 Pumpkin Slam Balls
13 Pumpkin Partner Sit-up Throws
130-m Pumpkin Carry in Partners
AMRAP 24 min.

RX = 30#/20#

55+ RX = 20#/14#

BEGINNER = 14#/10#

Happy Halloween! Whether you celebrate it or not, this workout is fun, and is a great opportunity to be silly with your friends. All the movements are simple, and it only requires a med ball (or a pumpkin ;-)). All movements are fast paced and done in partners. It is designed so that one person works while the other rests. The person working performs 13 reps of one movement, then they switch with the next movement. The only movement they perform together is the Sit-ups and the Carry. For the Carry, they can either throw it to each other while Running, or one person can carry it for half the distance and the other person for the second half.