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Social Circle Impacting Your Gains?

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I want you to think about the four people you hang out with the most. Write down or make a mental list describing each one of these people. Now put them all together and that is you.

There is a saying out there that you are a combination of the 4 people you hang out with the most.

Been unhappy lately? Look at your inner circle.

Research shows that your inner circle has a huge influence on your habits and goals.

Eat out with friends that eat a lot? If so, then you are more likely to eat more when you are with them than if you were to eat alone.

We are more likely to conform to those we hang out with.


It is not a bad thing. We are made to be social beings. And not all the time do our family and friends change us for the worse even if their values or norms don’t align with ours. There are some instances where we can go against the grain and be a good influence on them.


Here is the quick version of my experience with this…


I was never one to measure and track my food in public before I met my friend Chelsea. Chelsea and I were brought together because we shared the same athletic aspirations.  One day we went out to eat after a training session and to my surprise, she whipped out her scale to weigh and track her food. I was tracking my food at the time but was not committed and bold enough to track in public. My honest feeling when I saw her doing this was almost like jealousy. I thought to myself, “Dang, she is really on her stuff. And now she probably thinks I am not as serious. Well, I am! If she can do it, I can!” Since that day, I have had no fear about what others think about my tracking in public.

Chelsea was my positive influencer.

Here are some tips on how to be more like Chelsea and start impacting your own inner circle.


  1. Add people of value to your inner circle.

Hang out with people who have the same goal. Feeling down lately? Look for the people who are optimistic and happy, and hang out with them more. Do a challenge with your spouse and make it about who can be more consistent rather than weight loss.

On the reverse side, take a look at yourself. You are a part of someones 4. Are you be the best impact on them?

  1. Don’t be pushy, but be persistent.

Want to be the positive influence for others? Well, it doesn’t happen by forcing them to eat broccoli. Instead be persistent by creating opportunity, offering help, and educating. People are more likely to give things a shot if they understand why.

  1. Have a why.

Having a why is an important tool especially when you are lacking some motivation. The deeper the why, the more likely overcome the outside pressures.

Share your why with your friends and family. They may appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, which may lead to buy in from them.

Friends and family can be tricky, but finding your circle is so important for success. We were not meant to do life alone. Find your people, and hold on tight to them!

Love, Coach Brittany

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