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Nutrition Guide for the Beginner Sprint and Beast Spartan Racers

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It is Spartan Racing Season!

I love it because Spartan Races present the opportunity for people to challenge themselves in a new way. For some, this may be the longest distance they have ever ran. It may be some racers first time climbing a rope. Then there are those racers pushing for a personal record best time. One thing is for sure: there is no shortage of challenges at these races.

So how do you prep for one of these bad boys? By staying in control of everything we can. Training effort, sleep routine, nutrition.

Here is a nutrition game plan to help you stay in control and give yourself the best opportunity you can to have a successful and fun race.

The week of…

Use this week to set yourself up to feel good. That means eating lots of low inflammatory foods and little high inflammatory foods.

Low inflammation foods: Leafy greens (Bok Choy is a great one), nuts, salmon, blueberries, pineapples, beets.

High inflammation foods: sugar, vegetable oil, fried food, artificial sweetener and additives, refined flour.

Key here: Little processed foods. More whole foods!


The day before…

The day before is an important day because it is now that we start to fill up your carb storage tanks (muscles and liver) which will give you fuel for your race.

The Macros.

For the day…

  • Protein: Should stay where is. Eat lean protein sources! Grassfed if possible to help keep inflammation down.
  • Carbs: We are looking at 3–5.5 grams of carbs per pound for the day. Ex: 100 pound racer = 230g carbs. Stick to carbs that you know work well for your body. Little to no sugary carbs.
  • Fat: You actually want to have fewer fats than usual because fats slow down digestion…. And we want those carbs to get to their tank fast!

Last meal of the day…

Should be moderate protein, high carb, and low fats to top it all off!


The whole day you should be hydrating to prep, especially if you are running in the afternoon when it is a little warmer. Also, do not be afraid to add a little high-quality sea salt or Himalayan salt to your food to help balance electrolytes.

Have trouble hydrating: Eat foods high in water content! Cucumbers, celery, berries.


Race day…

Pre Race….

Hydration and Electrolytes

Drink your water!

Ever taste your sweat and got big mouth full of salt? a If so, you could be losing some electrolytes. Electrolytes are important for nerve signaling and muscle contraction. AKA keeping you from cramping up. Take some electrolytes to help keep them balanced. What I don’t recommend is Gatorade filled with sugar and food coloring. Here is a high reputable company who gives out free sample packets


If you are racing in the morning and are afraid that having food before your race will make you sick then your last meal the night before will suffice for your pre-workout meal.

  • Protein: Moderate amount.
  • Carbs: Load up! Have both quick-digesting carbs and fruit so both of your fuel tanks (muscle glycogen and liver glycogen) are full and ready to go.
  • Fats: Little to none!

Hydration and Electrolytes Replenish!

Water and electrolytes if needed.

What about the celebration beer? Unfortunately, beer will not help with muscle recovery so if you are really looking to make a full recovery, skip the beer.


Immediately after have some…

  • Protein: Drink some quick digesting protein like a whey protein isolate.
  • Carbs: You will also want to have some fast digesting carbs ready to eat. Rice, potatoes, raisins or dates, fig newtons should do the trick!
  • Fats: No fats, yet…


1-2 hours later enjoy yourself a big healthy meal! And be proud!

By: Coach Brittany


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