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Monday 9-11-17

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We all remember where we were, what we were doing, the weather, and the smells, on that fateful day over 16 years ago. I was preparing to ditch my first-period class in exchange for a north westerly swell that rolled in overnight.

My three boards were packed in my friends Toyota pickup and I was heading back inside to grab my backpack I almost forgot. My mom was standing in front of the TV, not moving. I knew something was wrong because my mom was never standing still.

“You’re not going surfing,” she said….. “We’re under attack”….. Just then as I looked up, CNN was replaying the second plane hitting the second tower. Something inside me just knew (even at that young age), that I shouldn’t argue this one… We sat on the couch for the next hour just staring at the TV. Well…. You all know what happened from there.

September 11th was a HUGE driving force in me joining the military after high school. The images from that day still flash in my head as if I was watching it at this moment.

Today, as you participate in this workout, I want you to think about where you were when 9-11 happened. What was the weather like, who were you with, how did it affect you? This is why CrossFit is so special. We NEVER FORGET!!!!

Every year, we remember fallen heroes, celebrate victories, give to those in need, and REFUSE TO FORGET those who lost their lives protecting this country. Today’s workout represents all the men and women who not only gave their lives on 9-11, but all those who went over seas after to protect our land.

The spouses, brothers, sister, mom’s and dads, who have felt the pain of loss no one wishes to ever feel.

Today, we remember.

With a partner 

9 Rounds 

11 Clusters (165#/115#)

01 legless rope climb

*This workout is an I go –  you go workout. Partner 1 does 1 cluster, then partner 2 does 1 cluster, until both partners have completed 11 clusters each.

Then partner 1 does 1 legless rope climb, followed by partner 2.

This is one round.

complete 9 rounds of this.