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It starts HERE.

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By Brett Freliche

They say your nutrition starts in the kitchen.  Actually, that’s a little premature. It actually starts at the grocery store.  Because it is here where every possible food temptation resides. And it is here where the strengthening of your mindset begins.  

Before you shop, there are a two things you can game plan for.

  1. Know what you are shopping for, before you shop.  

The trick is to avoid those isles where you know where those temptations reside, so you don’t even see them.  I know at my store the bakery gives out cookie samples (I know its mainly for kids, but hey, aren’t we all kids at heart?).  For me, my main items are veggies and meats. So when I enter the store, I don’t go down any isles. Produce is to my left. There is no reason to go right.  The meat department is adjacent to the produce. Temptation averted.

2. Don’t shop hungry.  

This can only amplify that temptation.  So do yourself a favor, and get that meal in before shopping.  Do this, and you will avert your stomach growling like a homing signal towards the bakery.

For more tips on how to game plan your nutrition prescription and other shopping tips, check out this video with Brittany and Wes (click here ) as they dive into how to game plan your grocery shopping, and what to look for and also watch out for in the grocery stores!