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Getting Kids Outside

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Kids today are less fit than they were twenty years ago. Okay, okay, I know I am young and was born in the 90’s, but growing up I didn’t have a phone or all the gaming systems that are available now. For people who were born in the 90’s or earlier, games were not played on a television, but were made up and played outside of the walls of our homes. What has happened to this new generation of kids?

In this day and age, even elementary school students have phones. I understand about wanting to be safe and able to contact your child at anytime, but in reality you’re hurting your child. By getting kids phones, gaming systems, and electronics their health and fitness is going down. Kids spend hours sitting in chairs playing on their electronics all day instead of physically playing outside. Getting your kids to play outside more often will help increase their fitness. Physically playing outside will get more body awareness, better coordination, and will help with the motor skills needed to develop.

According to the University of Wollongong, children have many benefits from being active every day.

 Health benefits:

       Improved muscle and bone growth and development

       Improved coordination and movement skills

       Improved sleeping patterns

       Reduced risk of unhealthy weight gain

       Reduced risk of developing type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Social benefits:

       Improved cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills

       Helps children develop friendships

       Reduced anti-social behavior, including aggressive and disruptive actions.

Emotional and cognitive benefits:

       Increased confidence and happiness

       Improved self-esteem

       Improved concentration and management of anxiety and stress

       Increased motivation and organizational skills

       Improved learning outcomes.

  Playing outside for 60 minutes a day can benefit your child greatly. As long as you’re protected from the sun, there is no need to limit your time to only 60.  Parents do your kids and yourself a favor by going to the park to play with your children. Use your fitness (that you have spent hours in the gym getting everyday) for spending time outside with your kids, creating great memories AND fitness with your children.