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If you work with Brittany or Brett, you may notice we ask several questions about you every week:  

How are you feeling?  

How was your energy this past week?  

How was your mood?  

How was your hunger?  

How was your sleep?  

While we are both sincerely and genuinely concerned about you and how your week has been, these questions go deeper than that.  We are looking for what your body is telling you, if there are any hormonal concerns, where your mindset is at and if there are any changes that we need to make with our prescription.  This is what is known as biofeedback.

This biofeedback helps us make adjustments to help you be a better you.  

  • If you were feeling a bit moody, it could be that you need more fats.
  • If you were craving sugar, it’s not that your body needs sugar, you probably just need more carbohydrates.  
  • If you are feeling tired and worn out, your calories may need to be increased, or you might not be getting adequate sleep, and/or you are not recovering enough from all the stress that is in your life.  
  • If you are having trouble dropping weight lately, it could be the added stress that is in your life, or you are not getting enough sleep at night, or a combination of both!

All these factors we take in weekly to evaluate and adapt to make a better you!