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2019 Programming overview

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This is a breakdown of the next four months of programming for CRCF. This is by no means an in depth look, but more meant to be a quick overview of the where we are going and the bigger picture of why we are doing what we are doing. If you’d like a more detailed explanation behind each piece, please reach out to Coach Wes and he’d be happy to sit dow with you and go more in depth 🙂 

July – August 2019
Regain Mobility (passive range of motion) of major joints
Rebuild symmetry in the body
Core strength
Without full range of motion of a joint an athlete is functioning at
a fraction of his or her capabilities. The risk of injury also rises
exponentially when placed under load or in dynamic atmosphere
like jumping over a fence or playing basketball on the weekends with
friends when missing range of motion or not training full range of
motion, then life demands us to go there… bad bad bad….
We also do not have the ability to reach our true potential
when we are missing range of motion.
Rebuilding symmetry in the body is a never ending effort that will
never actually be achieved, but is so important for overall
development of an athlete. This is gained more outside the gym than
in it. Shifting positions, sitting as much as you stand, and trying not
to favore one leg over another when standing are all things that will
help develope good symmetry in the body. The other exercises we
do in the gym will be icing on the cake.

August – September 2019
Higher repetitions transfer to real life application more. Also building
muscle size could give athletes the opportunity to get stronger
in our future cycle

September – October 2019
Improving our absolute strength is the “testing” of our central
nervous systems ability to recruit the muscles needed to lift
the load. Newer athletes will see greater jumps in absolute strength
during this phase, while veteran athletes will see small improvement
Depending on age, training age, and other factors like injury or
disease will determine how much an athlete can grow. But
fighting to maintain or gain as much mobility, symmetry, core
strength, and strength as we can is the road map to longevity and
functionality of our bodies.

October – November 2019
Strength endurance: The combination of stabilization, strength,
and power being displayed by an athlete maintaining proper
positions for large sets of repeated efforts in a certain modality, or
across mixed modalities (CrossFit).
Besides the obvious of being able to express this in our workouts,
the practical application outside the gym is almost infinite.
– Surfing, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Runing, Biking,
swimming, playing any sport really…. The foundation we’ve laid
over the past 6 months will benefit in this cycle.
October also happens to be the new month of the CrossFit OPEN
as well as the CRCF TEAM COMP (hmmmm, it’s like we planned
this all out or something… :))